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The Silver Swallows Alumni newsletter is the glue and one of the largest contributing factor in keeping our Ozark family together. We ask that you please complete this section of the form. Here are just some of the many subjects that you may want to consider. Are you still working? If so, where? When are you planning to retire? When did you retire? Any Health problems? Loss of loved one that you wish to share? Relocations? Significant birthdays? Marriage? Do you live in different locations during different seasons? Did you attend any schools during the last year? Did you take a vacation last year? If you have a hobby, tell us about it. Do you own a business? Do you volunteer your time? Do you hold an elected office? How do you keep yourself physically fit? What do you do to keep yourself busy? What do you remember about Ozark? Tell us about some of your fond memories at Ozark. Any funny Ozark stories? If you have anything else of interest, tell us about it.
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