Last Flight West Listing

Ozark Air Lines Family Who Have Taken Their Last Flight West

Most recent additions to
“Last Flight West”

Don Kavanagh

Jim Moody

Dennis Stewart

Joe Guerin

Ray Slaughter

Janet Torkelson

June Duncan

Jerry L. Smith

Robert Williams

Corinne Brewer

Keith Meyers

David Meyer

Jim Robbins

Debra Steinkamp

Phil Davies

as of April 27, 2018

“Silver Wings, shining in the sunlight,
roaring engines, headed somewhere in flight.

They’re taking you away, leaving us lonely and
slowly fading out of sight.

But like our airline, yes you are gone but
you will not be forgotten.

And like your career we know your flight west
will be nothing less than……. first class!”

We are asking for your help! Should you have knowledge of any other employees who have passed on and should be listed on these pages, please email us: with the name and department.