Ozark Employee Brick Plaza

The Ozark Air Lines Employees Commemorative Silver Swallows Walkway was officially opened at the September 9, 2006 reunion. The walkway was built to recognize the efforts of the Ozark employees. When all the bricks are engraved with the former employees names, the project will be complete.

Swallowlane1 Ozark Employee Brick Plaza

The walkway brick illustrates the employee’s name, Ozark job title (Agent, Captain, Crew Schedule, Dispatcher, Electrician, Flight Attendant, Janitor, Manager, Secretary, Technician, etc.), the year hired and the last year employed or the year retired.

You may want to consider ordering a brick in memory of an Ozark relative, a friend or as a gift for a retiree.

 Ozark Employee Brick Plaza

The center of the commemorative wall contains an engraved granite plaque explaining that some former Ozark employees continued their employment with TWA and/or American Airlines. Therefore including your TWA/AA years in your last or retirement year is your choice.
Most orders include these dates.

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